Grainne Seoige’s DWTS Dance Partner Reveals The Extreme ’30 Needles’ Lengths She Had To Endure To Compete Over The Weekend


DETERMINED Grainne Seoige needed “30 needles” in her leg to perform on Dancing With The Stars on Sunday night, it emerged.

Dance partner John Nolan says the TV presenter will now try to manage her injury as she enters week five of training.


Grainne Seoige and John Nolan performed a rumba on Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are ForeverCredit: Kyran O’Brien
Grainne and John feared her quad injury would see her leave DWTS


Grainne and John feared her quad injury would see her leave DWTS

He told how Grainne needed intense work with a physio to get him onto the dance floor – and accused the judges of ‘doing hell for the leather’ on the 48-year-old despite sustaining a chest injury. quad which prevented her from walking the day before.

John raged at the Irish Sun: “I know they (the judges) made reference to the injury.

“Not that you were looking for sympathy or anything like that, but I thought they were really going to hell for leather. I thought they were a bit harsh.

After performing a rumba to Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever, Judge Loraine Barry told Grainne, “My question is, does the injury prevent you from releasing your hips? That’s what’s missing here.

While Brian Redmond said: “It’s a shame there’s no hip action, just a little more cubic zirconia – a little more polish needed on this diamond. “

However, speaking after Sunday’s show, John claimed the rumba was an “iconic moment” in Grainne’s run because they feared her quad injury could see her quit DWTS.

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And Grainne said, “Absolutely! I thought my number would have gone up, to be honest. I was very proud of what we were able to deliver given what we were working with.

“But you never know – that’s the game and we’re both very grateful to everyone who voted for us.”

The pair had been rehearsing all week for their weekend dance until disaster struck on Friday when Grainne suffered a quad injury that left her unable to walk.

John said: “I thought we were offside, to be honest. We had to send Grainne straight to the physio to get acupuncture needles. They put 30 needles in his leg yesterday to fix the problem.

And Grainne recalls, “I couldn’t even climb the stairs to the physio therapy room.”

The couple received special permission to rest on Sunday morning as other contestants danced during dress rehearsals for the live show.


John said: “The goal was to get on the show live. We wanted to shut everything down so Grainne could deliver this show live, which she did and I’m thrilled.”

Grainne added: “I thought we were offside, but I danced on TV last Sunday night. I’m so proud of us.

However, the injured presenter knows she faces a grueling week of rehearsals for a new dance she is due to perform live next Sunday night.

Grainne said: “We will manage the injury that I am working with at the moment. Each dance uses a different set of muscles.

“It’s a huge challenge to do something you’ve never done before.

“We have five days to put it together and present it to the whole nation with half a million people watching. But the satisfaction afterwards is enormous.”

John added: “Injury or no injury, there is no respite.”

Grainne also revealed that ongoing physiotherapy treatment in Dublin means she will not be able to return to her home in Galway.


She said: “I was in Galway at the start of training but as the show goes on it gets harder to get down there.”

However, the mother-of-one had the support of her husband, South African rugby coach Leon Jordaan, in the audience on Sunday, and her parents who also came out to cheer her on.

Grainne revealed that at the end of each day she finds herself in an Epsom salt bath to soothe her broken body.

She admitted: ‘Every new dance brings new ailments’

The TV star also told how the dancers are sewn into their costumes before each dance – so they can’t even use the toilet.

Grainne said: “No matter how nervous you are, you can’t pee.

“There are underwear sewn in different parts and a leotard swimsuit under the dress with fishnet tights on it that look like steel wire. Everything to make sure you stay indoors. So you can’t go to the bathroom after putting on the dress.

“It’s crazy and amazing – but not as glamorous as it sounds!”

Judge Brian Redmond said that


Judge Brian Redmond said ‘hip action was missing’Credit: Kyran O’Brien
Grainne suffered a quad injury that left her unable to walk


Grainne suffered a quad injury that left her unable to walkCredit: Kyran O’Brien

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