Gospel concert raises thousands for Sawyerville tornado victims


AKRON – A Demopolis radio station WZNJ 106.5 hosted a gospel benefit concert in Akron to help raise money and support the victims of the Sawyerville tornado.

Gospel radio personality Anita Foster said she wanted to lend her support to her loyal listeners.

“We wanted to show them that we love them, that we care for them by putting together this benefit program to help them through the recovery mode they’re in right now,” Foster said. “They are currently in phase two, 85 houses have been damaged and 14 destroyed, and being in phase two they are still trying to repair the damaged houses.”

Many victims of the tornado attended the event. Foster said many families need financial help and support during this difficult time.

Tornado victim Shahrie Bryant lost her home and came to the event to be with her family during this time. “It’s just a blessing that we have so many people who want to help the community, that’s all we’re here for, we just want help,” Bryant said.

The home of tornado victim Gloria Doss was damaged. She said the process, as far as cleaning goes, was excellent.

“We’ve had so many volunteers come out to help us out and help us clean up, so it’s been great,” Doss said. “We received financial support in the form of gift cards from some neighboring agencies, which helped us tremendously and we are grateful for that.”

Community leaders such as Judge Marvin Wiggins have come to provide an update.

Wiggins said they didn’t have the resources and money to replace the homes, but they met with organizations across the state to have those homes replaced.

“There’s an organization we’re partnering with called United Methodist, a group from Florida, because of the last storm that came through, they’re going to build us five houses,” Wiggins said.

As the Saturday, March 12 event drew to a close, churches in Greene County came together and donated $4,000 to help pay the victims’ hotel bills. The event as a whole raised an additional $5,000.


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