GMB viewers’ hearts melt as’ inspiring ‘CBeebies presenter with Down syndrome


George Webster, 20, melted the hearts of Good Morning Britain viewers as he spoke about his happiness at joining the children’s channel

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Jodie Whittaker sends message to first CBeebies presenter with Down syndrome

Good Morning Britain fans were elated this morning as CBeebies’ first presenter with Down syndrome appeared on the ITV show today.

George Webster, 20, melted viewers’ hearts as he spoke of his happiness at joining the children’s channel.

Joined by daddy Rob, he said it “felt really, really good” to introduce CBeebies, adding, “I would say dreaming big and living your life and the hard work really pays off.

“You have to live your life and not let people tell you to live a different life.”

Meanwhile, Daddy Rob said it was an “incredibly important” moment for George to introduce CBeebies.

Opening up to hosts Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell, George opened up about his love for Doctor Who – and was surprised by Jodie Whittaker, who sent him a personal video message.

George Webster melted hearts on GMB today



“I think you absolutely crush CBeebies,” she told him. “I hope we meet one day, take care of yourself buddy!”

And viewers flocked to Twitter to gush about George, with one writing: “We need more George in the world. What a better #GMB guy.”

While another commented: “George is a good breath of fresh air. Everyone needs a George in their life! #GMB.”

A third wrote: “George is adorable and loyal to his father for letting George do his interview without intervening like some parents do #GMB.”

“#GMB how proud George’s dad is,” commented another.

Earlier this month, the CBeebies Grown-Ups Twitter account announced it would host the show.

A clip of George accepting the job was posted along with a message saying, “EXCITING NEWS our NEW presenter at CBeebies House, George is about to start! He loves to cook and dance, and he can’t wait to be your friend.”

George is a Mencap Ambassador and featured in a BBC Bitesize video Five myths about Down’s syndrome earlier this year.

The video showed him saying to the camera, “My name is George, I am 20 years old and I have Down syndrome.

“My name is George because that’s what I am. Not the George of Down.”

He added: “I have an amazing life.”

* Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV

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