‘Get off my TV screen’ Furious radio host rages at Dr Hilary in rant about mask’s ‘hypocrisy’


TalkRADIO host Patrick Christys called Dr Hilary Jones a “crawling hypocrite” after he was seen without a mask while watching tennis at Wimbledon this week. Dr Hilary, who appears regularly on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and This Morning, has also faced a backlash from viewers after footage of his appearance was released. Mr Christys proclaimed it was “one rule for them and another rule for us” during his furious radio rant on the coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Christys said: “There is a TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones.

“He’s a suave man, he’s always on TV on Good Morning Britain or This Morning, saying we all have to wear masks in public.

“He says everyone has a deep-rooted public duty to play by the rules. Then he goes to Wimbledon, sits in the royal box and does not wear a mask in a crowd full of people.

“You creeping hypocrite!” Get off my TV screen. How dare you sit at Wimbledon without a mask, when you tell us we have to wear masks in public. “

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He continued, “You are responsible for the fear and panic.

“You are responsible for the fact that 70% of people still want the restrictions to continue after the coronavirus. Where are you staying?

“We should book him on the show because I would love to have him with him.

“It really hurt me. It’s a rule for them, a rule for us. They are Project Fear.

“How can you tell it was a Covid-secured event? The absolute madness, the hypocrisy of these people.

He added, “They’re careful, they’re reasonable, and it’s a big, expansive outdoor arena.

“So these are extenuating circumstances, so, you know, I obeyed the rules.

“Of course, I had negative feedback like everyone else, but I played by the rules.

“If we are living with Covid, we have to use these mitigating behaviors. “

Earlier this week, an Ipsos Mori poll for The Economist found that a significant minority of people in the UK would be happy if Covid restrictions, including a 10 p.m. curfew, were in place indefinitely.

About 70% of those polled said they believe the rules on wearing masks in shops and public transport should stay in place for at least a month.

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