Fresh Ireland AM viewers react as another presenter leaves


Virgin Media Television is facing further backlash from viewers amid yet another reported departure from the flagship morning show Ireland AM.

Earlier this month, the station came under heavy criticism for excluding popular presenter Laura Woods from her role, with many saying Tommy Bowe should have been fired instead.

Her departure came shortly after longtime presenter Anna Daly confirmed she was leaving the station.

It has now been reported that Ireland AM weekend host Aidan Power has also wrapped up the show, causing further reaction from viewers.

One viewer said: ‘They got rid of the best presenters, Aidan, Anna and Laura were brilliant presenters, they knew when to laugh and when to be serious, only Simon remains worth talking about… This program is slowly dying. Virgin Media had a good thing and they ruined it. RIP Ireland AM. ‘

Trish said: ‘Turned off after Laura and Aidan got the boot ‘, whi Martina added ‘Yeah, all that’s left is to look decently, Aidan was a breath of fresh air.

Photo: Brian McEvoy

Aine said: ‘Aidan was brilliant, the new presenters weren’t freezing and trying too hard.

It has been six weeks since Aidan Power last appeared on Ireland AM’s Weekend AM, the Virgin Media television show he has been on for over two years.

The broadcaster first joined Virgin Media TV‘s popular weekend morning show in February 2019.

The last time Aidan appeared on Weekend AM was August 14.

Power of Aidan has repeatedly contacted Virgin Media TV and Aidan’s management, NK Management, for comment.

Meanwhile, the only remaining original presenter, Alan Hughes, has said more changes are in the works.

Speaking to RSVP Live, the presenter said the next changes would be “good”.

Photo: Virgin Media Television

“There have been changes, and there are other changes going on,” he said.

‘It’s going to be good. The show will get bigger and better.


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