Former Neighbors star Lachlan Daddo and his wife Karina in court


A former Neighbors star and TV presenter has had to face court to challenge an unusual neighbour’s claim.

A former Australian TV star and his wife have won a bitter legal battle to keep three palm trees in the courtyard of their luxury Sydney home after neighbors complained they obstructed the ocean view.

Lachlan and Karina Daddo and were sued in NSW Land and Environment Court by neighbors Stuart and Leanne Holdsworth, who claimed the former Neighbors star and his wife formed a ‘hedge’ on their Newport property.

Both couples faced court unrepresented in late May for a hearing, during which the Holdsworths told the court they had owned their property since 2005.

Mr Holdsworth said backyard surfing was important to his family, but the ‘iconic views of Newport Beach and Peak surf break’ were obstructed by palm trees in the house across the road, which is owned to the Daddos.

He also claimed that the three palm trees form the “hedge” and asked the former acting couple to “remove or prune” the palm trees and the macadamia tree.

A palm tree beside the front driveway was 10 to 12 meters high, while the two in the backyard were five meters high, the court heard.

Mr Daddo agreed to prune the macadamia at least twice in 2016 and again in 2021 to improve Mr Holdsworth’s view of the water, but denied removing the palms.

As a result, the couple was taken to court.

In his judgment, Acting Commissioner John Douglas, who is himself an arborist, said the trees could not form a hedge because the front tree had been planted 20 years ago and far from the rear palms.

He concluded the obstruction was minor and criticized the Holdsworths for taking the matter to court, saying it was ‘doomed’ and they showed a sense of ‘entitlement’ in it. doing.

“Mr. and Mrs. Holdsworth were completely unprepared to pursue their claim and seemed utterly unaware of the requirements of the law,” Acting Commissioner Douglas said.

“Had they been more conscientious, they might have realized that their business was doomed and therefore wouldn’t have wasted their neighbours’ time.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Holdsworth displayed an unusual sense of entitlement to compel their neighbors to prune their trees, apparently on the basis of a nebulous notion that it was ‘neighbourless’ for them to do otherwise.”

Mr Daddo spent much of the 1990s and early 2000s on Australian television alongside two of his older brothers, Cameron and Andrew.

He made his debut in ABC’s “Countdown Revolution” before taking on a role in Neighbours.

Mr Daddo then hosted the popular travel show Getaway in the mid-1990s, but now works as an estate agent on Sydney’s northern beaches.

His wife Karina Daddo was also an actress and television presenter.

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