Former ITV presenter Eamonn Holmes retweets brutal GMB stunt


Eamonn Holmes has subtly searched his former ITV employers on Twitter after a fan called out reports on Good Morning Britain.

Eamonn thanked a fan after complimenting his presentation style while discussing a video from the official Good Morning Britain Twitter account.

A disgruntled viewer replied to GMB’s tweet and shared their thoughts: “Oh for heaven’s sake Good Morning Britain. Move on and change the recording. Another reason I’m not watching this and watch GB News with Eamonn and Isobel, those two are such a refreshing start to the morning.”

A grateful quote Eamonn tweeted his message with: “Thank you Brenda”, and signed off with a kiss.

The official GMB profile posted a video of Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley and asked their followers if it was ‘best’ for politicians who were fined as a result of ‘partygate’ to be made public.

Eamonn took the opportunity to thank the fan

In the video, presenter Kate Garraway asked Secretary of State Simon Harp if he would agree to names politicians who have been fined for breaking lockdown laws.

Kate mentioned that Helen MacNamara, formerly head of ethics at 10 Downing Street, will be fined for her involvement in the partygate scandal.

Kate notably pointed out that she “brought a karaoke machine” to one of the parties “when the rest of the country couldn’t get together at all” or even “sing in church”.

Eamonn and Ruth used to present ITV's This Morning together
Eamonn and Ruth used to present ITV’s This Morning together

She then directed her question to Simon and asked if he thought it was better for those involved to be named and humiliated because “it kind of seems like ‘the blame was placed on officials and ‘not on The politicians”.

Simon said there are still “unfinished legal cases” and the law is “crystal clear about what should and shouldn’t be ‘a matter for the public’.

He then said Helen McNamara’s name was “clearly in the frame”, while Kate interrupted him to say “the law was very clear” during the lockdown.

Eamonn has since moved on to present GB News
Eamonn has since moved on to present GB News

She urged him to answer directly by rephrasing the question and he responded by saying there were ‘things he wished he had done differently’ when the pandemic started ‘two years ago’.

Simon also said politicians had ‘raised their hands’ and Boris Johnson had apologized ‘a few times’.

Simon added that “context is everything”.

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