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It’s time to confess: I subscribe to far too many steaming services. Disney+ (they had a multi-year contract!), HBO Max, netflix, Amazon Prime Video, even BritBox. The good part is that my family and I can watch almost anything we want, whenever we want. The bad side (other than bills): how can we even find what we are looking for?

There are lots of apps and sites who claim they will help with this. But I’m old and grumpy and lazy. I don’t want to download an app or join a site to get the information. I just want to know where to watch the original Top Gun before seeing the sequel, or how to get nostalgic with old episodes of Quincy, ME And I want the answer in seconds.

Here is what I do.

First, I bookmarked and put it in a prominent place on my bookmarks bar. I’ve tried other streaming program finder sites and this is by far the easiest. You don’t need to attach anything or download anything. I barely look at the site, I just go to the search box in the top right corner and type in the title of my movie or show.

Bam, spits out a response. This tells me that because I have Amazon Prime Video, I can watch the original Top Gun for free. (I did. I felt the need for speed and a bit of topless Tom Cruise playing volleyball.) If I didn’t have Prime Video, the site told me, I could watch it for free on Paramount Plus, or I could pay a few bucks to rent it from any number of streaming services, or buy it for more.

Simply Google

It seems almost too obvious to say, but there you go. You can simply Google the name of the movie or show with the word “streaming” attached. You can avoid wrong answers if you also put the name of the show or movie in quotes.

Usually this sends me to a bunch of news articles telling me where to stream anything. I find it more annoying than, but if I don’t get a quick response from JustWatch, it works too. Sometimes better.

I’ve been dying (get it? Dying? Because he’s a coroner?) to watch old episodes of Quincy, ME on any streaming service. informed me that the classic Jack Klugman drama is not streaming anywhere. This allowed me to sign up to be notified if this changes, although you have to create a free account on the site for this.

But when I used the Google method, I learned that Quincy, ME episodes aired on the nostalgic Cozi TV channel, which I receive via YouTube TV. So I set it to record future episodes. Not as satisfying as being able to stream it NOW, but better than nothing. I’m ready to settle in later this week and reunite with Quince, Sam and the regulars at Danny’s restaurant.


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