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The crime of premeditated murder is punishable by death in Egypt.

Haggag, a member of the judiciary, had planned to kill Gamal after he threatened to reveal their secrets and demanded money to remain silent about them, the prosecution said in a statement on Thursday.

Hussein El-Gharably, a business owner and second defendant, accepted an offer from the husband to cooperate in Gamal’s murder, the prosecution said.

Planning to take his wife’s life, Haggag and El-Gharably dug a grave at an isolated farmhouse they rented to kill her, then hid her body, the prosecution said.

On the day of the crime, the husband lured Gamal to the farm, where the second defendant was also waiting, then surprised her with a blow on the head using a rifle butt.

When the victim fell, the husband strangled her with his hand and a piece of cloth, while the second defendant held her down to paralyze her movements until they were sure she was dead.

The two defendants chained the victim, placed her in the grave they dug and poured incendiary material on her to mutilate her body so that she was unrecognizable, the prosecution said.

Forensic reports confirmed the death was caused by strangulation, the prosecution said. The examination also proved that the tissue the defendants used to kill Gamal had their DNA fingerprints.

In addition, it was proven that the SIM cards of the victim and the defendants, which they used on the day of the crime, were located within the geographical perimeter of the cell tower located near the aforementioned farm.

The prosecution’s charges against the two defendants were based on the testimonies of 10 witnesses and the confessions of the two defendants, the prosecution noted.

Investigations also revealed that the husband is suspected of having committed other crimes, the prosecution said, noting that it would investigate them separately.

Gamal was known for her program El-Moshagheba (The Troublemaker) on the LTC TV satellite channel. She has also worked for the satellite channel Al-Hadath Al-Youm.

In late June, the Interior Ministry announced the husband’s arrest in the city of Suez less than a week after the prosecution found the victim’s body.

The husband previously reported that Gamal had disappeared outside a shopping complex in the 6th of October City in Giza.

Relatives of the victim said she disappeared from the compound after she was last seen with her husband.

The prosecution then announced that the TV presenter‘s body had been found after the second man – who claimed to be close to the victim’s husband – voluntarily offered his testimony to the prosecution.

The man said he witnessed the crime and claimed the husband killed Gamal due to differences between them. He informed the prosecution of where Gamal’s body was buried.

The prosecution said it had obtained permission from the judicial authority, which employs the husband, to waive his immunity and take action against him.

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