Drakeo The Ruler Dies Aged 28 After Stabbing – Report


Drakeo The Ruler has passed away at the age of 28. XXL confirmed the death herself with a rep for the rapper.

According to local Los Angeles outlet KTLA, Drakeo was stabbed in the neck last night (December 18) at the Once Upon a Time festival in LA.

the Los Angeles Times first reported yesterday that according to a “person with direct knowledge of the incident” Drakeo was attacked by a group of people backstage at the festival. Initially he was reportedly in critical condition, but was later reported dead at a local hospital.

XXL contacted a representative for Drakeo, as well as the Los Angeles Police Department for more information on the situation. Los Angeles firefighters have confirmed that they responded to a stab at the festival at 8:39 p.m. PST and that a patient was transferred to a local hospital.

Drakeo The Ruler was a leading figure in the LA rap scene. The catalog of music he released was vast in just six years. Since 2015, he has completed 11 projects, including I am Mr. Mosely that year and fan favorites like Cold devil and Free Drakeo. The West Coast rhymer released his debut album, The truth hurts, earlier this year in February. Drakeo was known for his unique slang, slipping in phrases like “flu flamming” and “mud walking” throughout his lyrics.

While his music was a climax, moving from a mainstay of underground rap to more mainstream acceptance by collaborating with Drake on Drakeo’s “Talk to Me”, he encountered many obstacles with the legal system. In 2018, he was arrested and charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and several counts of conspiracy to commit murder. He claimed his innocence and was acquitted of murder and attempted murder in 2019. However, the same year, prosecutors wanted to retry him on various charges of street gang conspiracy and shooting from a moving vehicle. . He faced 25 years in prison for life on the first count and life imprisonment for the second. After two years behind bars, in 2020, Drakeo The Ruler was released from Los Angeles Central Men’s Prison after the Los Angeles District Attorney suddenly offered Drakeo a plea deal for time spent in custody.

In 2018, XXL spoke with Drakeo for The break, in which he shared his goals in hip-hop. “Take over, be the truest nigga that ever made it,” he said. “I’ve been through so many obstacles, so I feel like I deserve it. The richest, the most real, whatever. [I plan to] take control of the rap game. “

Many personalities in the hip-hop world have already reacted to the announced death of Drakeo on social networks, including Drake. You can see them below.

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