Demsas of Jerusalem and German Lopez appointed co-hosts of The Weeds


Vox VP of audio Liz kelly nelson and policy editor Libby nelson today announced that political reporter from Vox Jerusalem Demsas and main correspondent German López join the network’s popular podcast Weeds as co-hosts of the show’s Tuesday panel episodes. The two often joined Weeds as guests, but will begin as weekly co-hosts in September. they join Weeds co-hosts Matt Yglesias and Dara Lind.

Weeds is Vox’s original politics and politics podcast, launched in 2015 and releasing new episodes every Tuesday and Friday.

“German and Jerusalem have added as many as frequent Weeds panelists invited over the past year that bringing them in as the next generation of Weeds co-hosts was the next logical and perfect step as we continue to evolve the show. We look forward to the expertise and insight they will bring to Weeds Tuesday panels and Friday interview episodes from time to time, ”said Liz Kelly Nelson.

Jerusalem Demsas is a political journalist at Vox, where she has written on housing policy, politics and finance; urban economy; and other domestic policy issues. She previously wrote on energy and environmental issues for the Center for American Progress and graduated from the College of William and Mary where she studied economics and government.

German Lopez is a senior correspondent at Vox and focuses on national policy issues, particularly public health and criminal justice. He also writes Weeds newsletter, and appeared on the podcast to discuss topics ranging from legalizing marijuana to gun violence to immigration. Previously, Lopez covered local and state politics and politics in Cincinnati for the alternative weekly CityBeat.

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