‘Danger!’ Fans Think Buzzy Cohen’s Cryptic Tweets Mean He’ll Return as Host


Danger! fans suspect that Buzzy Cohen may soon take over hosting the show. Cohen was one of the popular guest hosts last season and is a former quiz champion himself. After making some cryptic remarks about Danger! on social media, fans are hoping he’ll be back soon.

Danger! has been hosted by actress Mayim Bialik and former champion Ken Jennings so far this season. There is a new edition of Celebrity danger! to come, and most fans assumed that Bialik would be the host. However, last week Cohen posted a GIF that raised some eyebrows. When a blogger tweeted speculation about the Celebrity danger! host, Cohen responded with an image of Yoda in Star Wars: Episode V, saying, “No, there’s another one.”

In another tweet last week, Cohen thanked the “cameras on [as yet unannounced project]for recommending a brand of coffee to him, implying he had a TV project in the works. Fans were quick to assume it had something to do with Danger!

Nothing has been confirmed so far – but that means nothing has been disproven either. Here’s a look at the fan response to the idea of ​​Cohen returning to Danger! Where Celebrity danger!


Fans looked back on Cohen’s time as Danger! co-host now in the context of the guest-hosted season, remembering him fondly.

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The best choice

Many fans on social media said Cohen was among their top picks for Danger! host. He usually shared this favor with Ken Jennings.

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Cohen star wars GIF was so simple that some fans mistook it for an outright ad. However, this still left questions over the identity of the regular syndicate’s permanent host. Danger! series would.

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The fact that Cohen has unnamed TV projects in the works was enough to put many fans in a speculative mood. Even if it’s not Danger!his followers will likely tune in to see what he’s up to.



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