Countryfile presenter raves about Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm as he praises her as ‘the force of nature’


Jules Hudson of Channel 5 spoke about Amanda Owen’s challenges and her success as the “force of nature”.

Like Amanda Owen of Our Yorkshire Farm, Jules Hudson is another TV star in the countryside, but he’s now spoken of the Yorkshire Shepherdess’ rapid fame.

Starting on social media, the nine-year-old mom quickly gained huge success, which led her to create her own show.

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Jules is best known for presenting both Escape to the Country and Countryfile, but admitted to being stunned by Amanda Owen’s “passion for his life”.

Speaking to The Express, he said, “” I have worked with Amanda many times and she is a force of nature.

“She is the most amazing individual and the family is an amazing family.

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“For her, it all started with social media and she just shared her passion for her life.

“You know in this broadcast game when you talk to people who are really passionate about what they’re doing, you’re halfway there. It’s an absolute joy.”

Yet he also commented on the challenges the shepherdess faces.

Amanda and Jules

He continued: “I think her version of rural life is particularly raw, particularly visceral and the challenges that she shares with the daily challenges are just thrilling.”

Amanda has repeatedly told her fans that life on Ravenseat is tough, revealing her sleepless nights and financial struggles.

She recounted how the family had been hit hard by the pandemic and with the lack of tourism, they were struggling to pay the bills.

Amanda and Jules, who is also an archaeologist, will reunite for Channel 5’s very first “5 on the Farm” festival which will take place on the August bank holiday.

Amanda’s good friend and Jules ‘co-host, Helen Skelton, will also be attending the festival, as will the Yorkshire Shepherdess’ eldest son, Reuben.


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