Computer scientist arrested for defrauding TV host Nadia Khan


The Federal Investigative Agency’s Cyber ​​Crime Circle (CCC) arrested a computer expert for allegedly defrauding famous TV host Nadia Khan via social media.

Officials said on Saturday that the arrest was made after an investigation was registered on May 3, 2021 at the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Center in Karachi into a complaint by DHA Phase 6 resident Nadia Khan.

The complainant said: “It is to submit to your kind information that Hammad Sami, an IT professional, came to my house in September 2020 to restore certain settings to my AdSense account on my YouTube channel. Later, my income from my AdSense account was not displayed in my AdSense account for five months.

“By filing a complaint with YouTube, a detailed investigation was carried out by them. The YouTube investigation team concluded that the missing income was redirected to an account owned by Mr. Hammad Sami and my five month income was sent to his bank account instead of mine, meaning Hammad Sami changed my channel settings. so that all future earnings revert to it in my stead.

“All the evidence and evidence is with me. I ask you to investigate and catch the criminal to get my winnings back.

During the investigation, the complainant provided evidence, a detailed statement and an affidavit in support of her complaint. She also provided Sami’s cell phone number and bank account number.

A notice was sent under Article 160 of the CrPC to the suspect, who appeared at the FIA ​​CCRC. Sami said in his written statement that in September 2020, “I worked as a freelance for Nadia Khan, who was the host of the morning show Geo TV. I recovered his YouTube channel namely OUTSTYLE, which was hacked by someone [I don’t know about him]. I asked around (1 lake Pkr) depending on the criticality of the work, but after getting the amount she refused to pay the amount (she was not responding to my messages on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), my username messaging has been associated with his account.

“So I opened a Google AdSense account in order to receive YouTube revenue. I received four payments reflected on my YouTube account 1) 31,000, 2) 27,000, 3) 33,000 and 4) 388,000. After that , I closed the Google AdSense account.

Upon receipt of a bank’s file dated June 22, 2021, officials analyzed the bank’s file and it revealed that fraudulent transactions had been credited to its account.

In view of the aforementioned facts, it is established prima facie via the banking file and the supporting documents that Hammad Sami, son of Sami Javed, had committed a fraudulent offense and obtained a Google AdSense payment from the complainant.

The complainant lost her YouTube channel income of Rs 480,439. Permission to conduct the investigation was obtained from a court. However, during the investigation of the case, it was established that the suspect committed criminal breach of trust with intent to commit fraud and cheating punishable under section 406 of the PPC.

The investigation concluded that Sami had committed the offenses punishable by articles 3, 5, 13 and 14 of PECA-2016 read with article 406 for which criminal proceedings were to be brought against him. Thus, after approval by the competent authority and the sections recommended by the legal DA, a case is being recorded against the suspect.


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