Colorado is inundated with sports betting ads and people are not happy


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It’s raining sports betting ads.


Since the legal sports betting market opened in Colorado seventeen months ago, that state has been inundated with advertisements.

“I thought there was going to be at least some type of slowdown,” admits Alec Garnett, the Democratic speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives who has championed the legalization of sports betting in that state. “We haven’t really seen that, and I’ve seen a big increase in the number of public complaints we’ve had about the amount of advertising for sports betting.”

And in their comments on the Westword Facebook readers are making it clear that all bets are off when it comes to these ads. Scott said:

Everyone should have watched two hours of those lost commercials before they were allowed to vote on legalizing sports betting.

Adds Linda:

It’s horrible. I feel like I’ve been abused. I don’t bet on sports, but I voted for it because I was thinking about the benefits that would benefit our state. But nowhere was it said that this would lead to a flood of all their ads. I’m old enough to remember when cigarettes, alcohol, and prescription drugs were banned. The game should be too.

Duane offers:

Please turn the tide on these obnoxious ads. On the radio too! Does every DJ / radio personality have to approve and advertise? Bet if you want, but IMO Colorado is NOT better with sports betting.

Phil counters:

Love sports betting. Have done good play this year!

Chris adds:

It’s really not something that we need the government to get involved in. Don’t like ads? Don’t look at them.

Brendan Wonders:

Do people still watch ads?

Kévin answers:

I cut the ads. And I think the game is ridiculous. But it’s just me.

Renée remarks:

They don’t need to advertise. A player will find a way to play regardless of the commercials. So. Panic. Annoying.

Nick adds:

Bets ruin sport. I used to be of the opinion that betting didn’t affect those who hadn’t bet, but when all you hear are sports betting ads and every sports show must have information from bets which constantly flash on the screen, it becomes too much.

But then there is this from Elironzo:

There is so much enthusiasm in these comments to allow the government to control what you see. How sad.

What do you think of sports betting ads? Colorado legalizes sports betting in the first place? Post a comment or share your thoughts to [email protected]

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