Colin Kaepernick’s TV personality girlfriend torched rap icon Jay-Z after video with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell surfaced; Jay-Z replied


Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his girlfriend Nessa Diab were ready to take on one of the biggest names in hip-hop culture. In 2019, Diab was less than happy with legendary rapper Jay-Z and comments regarding her boyfriend and his attempts to make changes. Kaepernick’s girlfriend shared her disgust following the surface of a video involving Jay-Z and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

She took to her Instagram while captioning the post, “We’ll never turn our backs on @kaepernick7 because your idols decided to work with the same organization that actively keeps Colin out of work… But what’s disgusting and disappointing is that Jay-Z let them use him. Whether Jay-Z knew it or not (I don’t doubt his intelligence, so I think he did), he helped the NFL bury who he thinks is an iconic figure, Colin Kaepernick.


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Diab also added that the rapper didn’t see the contradiction in his comments regarding Kaepernick and his absence from the NFL. She believed that keeping Kaepernick out of a job was not helpful in the interests of the NFL and Jay-Z. The warmth of his social media posts seems to have prompted the rap icon to react.

Jay-Z responded by pointing out Colin Kaepernick’s flaw and his attempts

The legendary rapper finally responded to Diab’s comments during a meeting. He met with members of the media and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to share his thoughts. The Grammy Award-winning artist believes the call for change was not for Kaepernick’s job status.

But it was about things outside the four corners of the football pitch. He believes the world has gone from the kneeling part. Jay-Z called for a broadening of perspectives on issues that need attention.


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about 16 hours ago

He admits that while the former Super Bowl finalist had the right ideas, Kaepernick failed to get his message across. Jay-Z said his goal in making things right was to effectively leverage the NFL’s attention and resources.


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There was a growing division over the former Niners QB and his absence from playing in the NFL. While Jay-Z may be looking to make changes without Kaepernick, his claims seem baffling to some people like Diab. However, since 2019 the landscape seems to have changed for Kaepernick, with a comeback looking like a possibility.

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