Chuck Wicks Teases Exciting New Project With Wife, Kasi Looks Like Nashville


Chucks Wicks and his wife Kasi have something up their sleeves. The country singer-turned-radio personality posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday July 7 to tease a new project. The clip shows his wife, Kasi, video chatting with someone to break the exciting news to her.

“I have news that I want to tell you guys,” she says in the video, then follows up with the comment, “We’re not pregnant.”

The video leaves fans on the edge of their seats, as it doesn’t reveal the big news, but Wicks also added a caption who shares his excitement for the project they are planning.

“Beyond the excitement of what’s going on,” Wicks wrote. “We are actually so excited that @kasirosa and I decided to have you traveling with us in some way in real time !! It was yesterday, after we hung up on the phone with our future partners over something that we honestly never even thought was a doable thing for us. But it happens !! Guesses? “

Wicks added that he would reveal the big news in or before mid-August, and in the meantime fans have taken care of their guesses in the comments. These guesses ranged from opening a stable or a vineyard to adopting a child. Many fans have pitched the idea of ​​a reality TV show focused on the couple, and for the past few months, rumors have been circulating about a possible Real housewives from Nashville show, which would feature country singers and their wives.

Jason Aldean and Brittany Aldean were caught up in these rumors as many fans believed the country couple would be involved. Brittany denied the allegations via Instagram story in April, and Aldean also denied their involvement in The Ty Bentli show on Apple Music Country. However, Aldean hinted at the existence of a reality show and said there are some “friends” involved so he and Brittany can make appearances. Wicks’ wife, Kasi, is Aldean’s sister.

“So we have friends of ours that are a part of it, we’re probably going to go in and out of certain things, I’m sure, just by association,” Aldean said. “But the good thing is we can always go and go home and walk away whenever we want, so it’s kind of the best of both worlds.”

Wicks also recently got involved in a project related to the Woolworth Theater in Nashville. On June 28, he announced his partnership with 615 Ventures on a project that will bring a “new kind of entertainment” to Nashville. Wicks and his wife Kasi are also busy raising their 7 month old son, Tucker. Wicks posted photos and a video slideshow of Tucker over the weekend of July 4.


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