Channel 5 Eggheads: When does the new series start, which celebrities are in it and who is on the Eggheads panel?


Long-running quiz show Eggheads returns to Channel 5.

TV and radio presenter Jeremy Vine will return to his role as host with celebrity teams joining the show in an effort to challenge and ultimately beat the Eggheads.

Celebrity teams will compete throughout the week and see Strictly Come Dancing stars, journalists, comedians and former politicians take on the smartest general knowledge quizzes in a bid to win money for charities of their choice.

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Who will be on the celebrity specials and when does it start? Here are some more details about the new series:

When does the new Eggheads series start?

Eggheads’ new series will start on Channel 5 from Monday 14 February at 6.30pm.

In its first week back on TV screens, five celebrity special episodes of the quiz show will air for five consecutive nights.

Teams of celebrities will compete against some of Britain’s most renowned quizzers, the Eggheads, with the aim of winning money for the charity of their choice.

If the Famous Challengers win, their prize money is donated to charity, but if the Eggheads win, the money is donated.

Celeb Team Channel 5: Anne Diamond, Jon Bentley, Kemi Majeks and Gyles Brandreth

On February 14, the Eggheads will take on familiar Channel 5 faces including broadcaster Anne Diamond, Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show, Milkshake! presenter Kemi Majeks and presenter, author and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth.

On the second night, a selection of BBC Strictly Come Dancing stars will team up to challenge the Eggheads, including dancer Ian Waite, entertainment journalist and former contestant Richard Arnold and former politician and iconic Strictly contestant Ann Widdecombe.

Panel of celebrities from left to right: Ann Widdecombe, Ian Waite, David James and Richard Arnold
Panel of celebrities from left to right: Ann Widdecombe, Ian Waite, David James and Richard Arnold

The third team will pose a real threat to the Eggheads as each member has appeared on Celebrity Mastermind. The team will include presenter Martin Roberts, actress and comedian Lucy Porter, broadcaster Aasmah Mir and actor Shaun Williamson.

The next team will be made up of politicians and political journalists, including former MPs Caroline Flint and Anna Soubry, and journalists Iain Dale and John Pienaar.

For the final episode of the celebrity specials on Friday February 18, a team of star comedians – Stephen K Amos, impressionist Jon Culshaw, comedian and presenter Zoe Lyons and comedian Joe Pasquale – will take on the Eggheads.

Who presents Eggheads on Channel 5?

2 TV and radio presenter Jeremy Vine will return to host the series on Channel 5.

The 56-year-old broadcaster has presented the TV show since 2008 when it previously aired on BBC Two.

In March 2021 it was announced that Eggheads would move to Channel 5.

Presenter Jeremy Vine
Eggheads Presenter Jeremy Vine

Speaking about what he loves most about hosting the Channel 5 quiz, Vine said: “Once we’re done checking the microphones and turning off the lights, the joy is that no one – not me or the Eggheads – sees the questions until they’re asked.

“People get so uptight about questions, so when they get it and they know the answer, especially for a challenger, the sheer joy of giving them the right answer is something you couldn’t afford. That’s wonderful. And the best challenger teams are the ones that realize that it really doesn’t matter if you lose and it really doesn’t matter if you lose big.

“It’s just a great, fun show and for me to sit watching it – almost like a viewer at home – is pure pleasure.”

Who are the Eggheads on Channel 5?

Here’s the full list of returning quizzes in the Eggheads panel to challenge celebrity teams:

  • Chris Hughes
  • Lisa Thiel
  • Kevin Ashman
  • Judith Keppel
  • Beth Webster
  • Olav Bjortomt
  • Pat Gibson
  • Steve Cook
  • Barry Simmons

Eggheads starts on Channel 5 from Monday 14th February at 6.30pm and you can catch up on any missed episodes on My5.

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