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I recently celebrated ten years at Townsquare Media Tri-Cities, an accomplishment of which I am very proud. I started out as an intern, mostly writing articles and even attending wacky and charming videos. Ten years later, I’m the Digital Managing Editor here and I wouldn’t trade my trip for anything.

In my ten years here, I have seen many, many faces. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people over the years, which I’m so grateful for. One of those people I’ve had the privilege of knowing since I’ve been here may have had the shine of the decade.

Shane Douglas is already a very accomplished man. After graduating from Hanford High School in 2015, he enrolled at Johns Hopkins University in New York. After his freshman year, he returned home to Tri-Cities and interned with us at Townsquare Media in Pasco. I remember working with him a lot and immediately liking him. He was young, enthusiastic, friendly, articulate and had the best future. I think our shared experience as interns helped us find common ground. I asked him a lot how it was in New York. I remember he asked me to record it because he wanted to start a podcast. He recorded a few shows and I promised to deliver them to him one day.

Shane Douglas is seated to the right of the author (Townsquare Media)

Shane Douglas is seated to the right of the author (Townsquare Media)

Shane completed his internship in late summer 2016 and returned to New York. He wrote me a nice thank you card that I used to hang up in the studio. If I can’t find it, I will be very upset. I followed his adventures, chatting occasionally on Facebook and Instagram. Before graduating from Johns Hopkins, Shane completed another internship, this time for John Fugelsang’s “Tell Me Everything” on Sirius XM. This role saw him screen phone calls and speak on the microphone, among other duties.

Amazon free

Amazon free

In 2020, Shane moved to Los Angeles and took a full-time job with Jeff Lewis, the famous house pinball machine from Going crazy, interior designer and radio personality. Along with being on a famous radio show again, Shane is branching out into television. With the return of Jeff Lewis to television, Shane is spending a lot of screen time as Jeff’s executive assistant. I asked Shane if he had a big part and he told me he was in “every episode”. This show promises to pack a luxurious punch as Jeff is known as the creator of the stars.

Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis is streaming now. You can watch for free with ads on Amazon Freevee or watch on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes come out on Fridays, and you can catch up on the first three episodes now.

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