British TV host struggles with laughter after rude word spelled on board during Countdown quiz


A UK quiz TV host was seen fighting back after a contestant spelled out a rude word on the letter board.

The pregnant TV presenter smiled as she said that “mermaids” was chosen as the seven-letter word that scores points, which is an American slang term for a woman’s breasts.

Rachel, 35, placed nine letters on the board before the countdown began for contestants James and Adam – who appeared to be struggling to find a word.

When the time was up, both contestants announced that they had a seven-letter word – but one caught Rachel’s attention more than the other.

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“Hooters,” James proudly announced as the word he found as he smiled at host Nick Hewer, while Adam added, “Shooter.”

“A number seven,” added word expert Susie Dent, as Rachel placed the letters on the board to spell the rude word, suppressing a smile.

Standing next to the board of letters, the presenter cradled her round stomach and looked away from the cameras to hide her face.

Host Nick quickly moved on from the awkward moment, asking Rachel to place new letters on the board to keep the intense play going.

Last year, game show star and math genius Rachel Riley could barely contain herself when she recently spotted a very rude word on the countdown board.

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The 34-year-old presenter squirmed when she noticed that the vowels and consonants a contestant had chosen could easily spell c ** t in the final round of letters on the popular UK game show.

Competitor Tony asked, “Can I have a vowel please?” Before Ms. Riley lists “U”, followed by “C”, “N” and “T”.

The TV star turned around when she timed the near-insult and made a crooked face at the camera.

Still the consummate professional, Riley managed to keep a straight face and stifle her laughter to continue the show.

Ms. Riley first joined Countdown in 2009, when she was 22, just graduating from Oxford University.

In 2013, Rachel appeared in a UK reality dance program Come dance strictly and started dating her dance partner Pasha Kovalev.

Five years later, the couple tied the knot in the 2019 ceremony in Las Vegas.

She gave birth to their daughter Maven Aria in December, announcing: “Two weeks after we expected, this little one has finally appeared.”

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