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Who do you think is the best presenter for football coverage in the United States? Using this survey, you can select from the top contenders providers that broadcast football throughout the year.

The presenters, or hosts, of studio shows are the ones who lead the discussion. Generally, they know well what is happening on and off the pitch. However, they leave essential information to their analysts. These hosts pose questions to the analysts and sometimes bring their own arguments. The goal is to make the cover more lively and intriguing for those watching at home.

Depending on the analysts working alongside these presenters, the host may also stir the pot. In doing so, presenters can provide more polarizing takes or opinions worthy of discussion. All are roles that the presenter plays to run a show.

The following presenters all have their own styles and formats that they use on the shows. However, each of the following does a great job of making football coverage more entertaining for the masses.

When choosing who you think is the best presenter, try to look beyond the leagues you watch. If anything, take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the other presenters. You may find that the other nominees are just as, if not more, suited to your desires.

Best Television Football Presenter in the United States

Here are the nominees for best presenter in the United States:

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Voting closes at midnight ET on July 31, 2022.

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Categories of the World Soccer Talk Awards 2022:


* Best TV Coverage
• Best streaming service
* Best TV Presenter
• Best Television Studio Analyst
* Best Commentator
• Best co-commentator

* Best YouTube Channel
• Best Fan YouTube Channel


* Best Podcast
• Best Club Podcast
* Best Podcast Host
• Best Podcast Analyst


* Best website
• Best Writer


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