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Saving is not just collecting money. If you have your finances, your closet and your refrigerator in order, you will also save.

Be ordered to save. I’ve been giving tips for saving gas and electricity at home for a long time. Nowadays, when nothing is enough, all the tips that allow you to consume less are welcome. If this is not the case at the end of the month, you will always be able to count on my fast loans . But pay attention to me, I put these ideas into practice and see that, being orderly (in every way), you can save more.

Controlling it is very important not to spend more

Controlling it is very important not to spend more

Taking up the issue of energy consumption, controlling it is very important not to spend more. The bills went to the clouds and part of the savings is to use the essential electricity and household appliances. Turn off the lights you don’t use and buy energy saving lamps. Pay attention to the program you choose in the washing machine (short washes, with cold water and full load). Do not iron little and often, gather several clothes and do it once a week or less. If your refrigerator is very old it is likely to spend a lot (modern class A + refrigerators save a lot of energy). Gas stoves can now be turned off … Spring is coming soon!

Compare and see where you are consuming more

Compare and see where you are consuming more

If you are ordered with your bills you will be able to compare and see where you are consuming more. If the food you have stored, like the things in the refrigerator, are in order and in sight, you will not buy items that you do not need. Take a list to the supermarket, respect it and buy mostly food (not cleaning things “to have”, bookstore, cold cuts for snacks or offers that tempted you). Think about the food dishes you are going to prepare during the week and I bought the necessary products.

Be ordered to save


Having the house in order, especially within the closets, is also very useful. If you have neat clothes already in sight -ordered by clothes or by colors- or leave it ready the night before, you will save time in the morning by dressing. Time you can take advantage of for many other things! This order will also give you an idea of ​​what you use often and what you don’t. If you never use it, it’s almost new or it doesn’t fit you anymore, sell it. There are many groups of buying / selling clothes on the networks, where you can publish without leaving your home. You can get good weights from those transactions. Another option is to donate what does not work for you, but for others it does; You don’t earn money but you help others.

You can check the weather of the week to know what to wear beforehand. Schedule your tasks to be more organized and your shopping lists to go to the supermarket and not spend more. Take notes in the celu, while traveling collectively, about new ideas or ventures that you can think of. You can also download Good Finance’s app to have a loan online . You can apply online for any unforeseen event and get cash on the day. Good Finance also pays your service bills and finances you. I help you save and if not, I bank you to pay.


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