BBC News presenter Shaun Ley interrupts live broadcast as he struggles with sneezing


Shaun Ley, who struggled with live sneezing, once again had to cut his live stream as he tried to suppress another nose tickle.

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BBC News presenter Shaun Ley struggles as he anticipates a sneeze

Shaun Ley had to interrupt a live stream as he struggled to suppress a sneeze while reading the news.

The 52-year-old BBC News presenter is no stranger to sneezing problems live and on Tuesday afternoon he was hit with a tickly nose again.

While he’s usually the weekday evening news anchor, on Tuesday he appeared on our screens to host the afternoon news as news rolled in from Downing Street amid ‘Partygate’ inquiries.

With news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak had both been fined for breaching Covid-19 restrictions, rules they themselves introduced.

Shaun Ley feels the sneeze building up inside him



Shaun was bringing the news to the nation of the fines that had been issued by the Metropolitan Police when he felt like he was going to sneeze.

While the experienced presenter thought he could get away with it, the possibility of him going wild with a live sneeze became an all too realistic proposition.

As he reported on the Downing Street controversy, Shaun was about to quote Liberal Democrat MP Ed Davies.

He then had to interrupt the show as he struggled to suppress the sneeze to no avail, telling viewers, “Excuse me, I’m about to sneeze.”

BBC News presenter Shaun Ley interrupts live broadcast as he struggles with a sneeze



Taking a deep breath and holding his hand over his mouth, Shaun paused for a few seconds as viewers waited impatiently for him to let go.

But sneeze fans were left disappointed as Shaun finally pulls his hands from his mouth and looks sheepishly at the camera after the feeling subsides.

He told viewers, “I think I got away with it.”

The moment was later posted to Twitter, with one viewer describing it as “the most British thing I’ve ever seen”.

Shaun Ley tells viewers: ‘I think I got away with it’



As the video went viral on social media, other Twitter users pointed out that Shaun was no stranger to apologizing to viewers for suddenly sneezing in mid-sentence.

He’s often looked as startled as viewers watching when he needs to sneeze and that’s not the only time his actions have gone viral.

Last summer, the hottest day of the year, Shaun was seen in a suit jacket, shirt and tie until the camera went blank at the end of the bulletin.

At the time, viewers were thrilled to see he was also wearing shorts and deck shoes as the temperatures soared.

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