Amy Jackson is dating this Hollywood actor


Amy Jackson, who became the heroine of Akshay Kumar in Singh is Bling, has now entered the life of a new love. There is news that news of Amy Jackson dating famous Hollywood actor Ed Westwick is coming. Amy and Ed are seen hanging out together. Amy Jackson is vacationing in London these days. Amy lives in London with her son. In such a situation, he was seen wandering the streets of London with Ed Westwick. Both are seen in workout outfits.

Ed Westwick and Amy Jackson hold hands. Here, Ed is wearing a gray T-shirt and shorts. Amy Jackson wears an off-white sweatshirt and yoga pants with a gray tank top. These photos of the two have gone viral on social media. Along with this, the rumor escalated that Amy and Ed are hugging. The media say that Amy and Ed are really together. At the same time, Amy and Ed Westwick met in London through mutual friends. Both had taken each other’s number. The two also started following each other on Instagram. Both are very serious about this relationship.

According to the news, Amy Jackson and Ed Westwick have fallen madly in love with each other. Fans became very happy to hear about the relationship between the two. Discussions about Ed and Amy’s affair have now started happening all over the place. Photos of the two together have also started going viral. Long before Ed Westwick, Amy Jackson was in a relationship with George Panayiotou. The two got engaged in early 2019. In September 2019, they both had a son. Amy and George were supposed to get married in 2020. However, that didn’t happen. Both separated in 2021.

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