Amouranth reveals which Hollywood actress she wants to star in a Twitch movie


Streaming sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has revealed which two actresses she would want to play if a Twitch movie was in the works.

Amouranth has become one of the best streamers in the world. With millions of subscribers spread across multiple platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and OF, she has taken the world by storm.

On Twitch, she helped launch the notorious hot tub meta and has frequently pushed the boundaries of what’s acceptable on the Amazon-owned site, earning her numerous bans in the process.

As such, it’s no surprise that if a movie on Twitch were to be made, someone would have to play Amouranth – and the streamer has a few big-name actresses in mind.

Amouranth wants Scarlett Johansson to play her

In response to a question from Dexerto on Twitter asking fans which actors would be best suited to play certain streamers, Siragusa herself decided to weigh in.

“Can I have Scarlett Johansson or Alexandra Daddario?” she asked.

Johansson is easily one of the most recognizable family actresses in the world. The 37-year-old is best known for her role as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Can you imagine Scarlett Johansson playing Amouranth?

In 2020, she was nominated for Best Actress for her role as Nicole Barber in the 2019 film Marriage Story.

Meanwhile, Alexandra Daddario has starred in over 30 movies and TV shows, but a certain scene from the first season of Truth Detective may be best remembered which saw her bond with Woody Harrelson.

Fans, however, weren’t all convinced by Amouranth’s suggestions, with one recommending Scottish actress Karen Gillan while others jokingly said Elijah Wood or Justin Bieber should play her.

It will be fun to see what the future holds for Amouranth and if a Hollywood movie starring her takes off. In the meantime, the 28-year-old has already had a full VICE Documentary made about his rise to Twitch stardom.


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