Abbott Elementary’s Quinta Brunson Recalls Almost Quitting TV Before ABC Picked Up Comedy, Reveals When She Knew the Show Was a Special


Abbott Elementary School became many viewers’ favorite sitcom in its first season. That’s a rare feat for a television comedy, as many iconic shows (Looking at You, fellow mockumentaries Office and Parks and recreation) took time to establish itself. Fortunately, ABC’s firm faith in teacher-centric comedy along with the dedication of creator and star Quint Brunson paid off with high viewership and rave reviews, cementing the series as one of the best comedies in the world. television. But the show’s runaway success was only half the story for Brunson. With that, the comedian revealed when she knew the show was special and why she almost quit TV before it was picked up.

the A Dark lady sketch show alum opened up about his feelings on the hit workplace comedy during Showtime Desus and Mero. During the chat, the multihyphen explained that she herself wrote the pilot and another episode of Season 1. The actress revealed that she knew the series was special after finishing the first episode. She says:

I wrote the pilot myself, without my writing room. And when I submitted it, I had this feeling like, “If this doesn’t work, I’m actually going to quit and I’m going to find another career.” ‘Cause I knew it was the best I could do, but in a good way, where like, ‘It’s the best I can do, and if it’s not good enough, then I don’t belong not really here.’ Because I believed in it so much. So it was a good feeling to have.

That’s what I’m talking about! Be confident enough in your work to say to yourself, “I’ll quit if others don’t see the vision.” Of course, that gamble paid off, as the show quickly found an audience, thanks to the Alphabet Network’s programming tactics. But it wasn’t just her satisfaction with that first script that sealed the deal for the actress. Once she started shooting the show, she realized how special comedy was:

And then once we were shooting the show, with Sheryl Lee Ralph and Tyler [James Williams] being in the same boat of like, ‘Yo, that’s good, and I want to be here for a while.’ The network and the studio were so supportive of something so different for ABC. And it was like the COVID team was working on the show, they were like, ‘Yo, I like this show. I’m having a good time. And our cameramen… they loved it. Jeremiah, one in particular, would say, ‘Yo, that’s good. I can’t see what we’re doing, and I can’t wait to see it all together. This stuff is priceless when everyone working on the show is proud of it.

The synergy of cast and crew was clearly on display when fans connected during the first season, and the mockumentary style, in my opinion, really helped the show connect better with viewers. . And of course, having sitcom veterans like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Tyler James Williams on set can more than help a project’s chances and encourage others to step up their game. Abbott Elementary School has it all, it’s no real surprise that it’s carved out a niche and crushes other TV shows in terms of social media reach.

Right now, Quinta Brunson is already planning and writing the second season after the great ratings of the Season 1 finale. I’m excited to see what she and her writers room come up with and I’m so happy that she didn’t end up leaving Hollywood.

With Elementary Abbot With season 2 set, viewers can expect to see new episodes in the 2022-2023 season. While you wait, catch up on all the hijinks and laughs by subscribing to Hulu and streaming the first season.


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