A deep dive into the best actor and best actress fore-runners – for now, at least


If you’ve been following the award chase at even a little bit at this point – and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably been following it – you’ve probably heard that Will smith could very well win an Oscar this year. His cinema king richard has been crowd pleaser since its debut at the Telluride Film Festival, and although it’s only October, conversations about the Best Actor race tend to revolve around who gets the honor of being nominated. by his side.

On this week Little golden men Podcast, David Canfield, Rebecca Ford, Richard Lawson, and Katey rich Take a close look at who these people might be, and discuss the thrills of what’s already an incredibly deep school of Best Actor contenders. Potential first-time applicants like Michael B. Jordan and Peter Dinklage to Oscar winners like Denzel Washington and Joaquin phoenix to dark horse possibilities like Simon rex and Clifton Collins Jr., there are many exciting potential candidates. The same goes for the race for the best actress, where Kristen stewart is widely regarded as the favorite for his performance in Spencer, and is in the race against other leading actors playing famous characters (Jessica chastain in Tammy Faye’s eyes, Jennifer hudson in The respect, Lady Gaga in Gucci House) as well as formidable Oscar winners (Olivia colman in The lost girl, Francoise McDormand in Macbeth’s tragedy, Penelope cruz in parallel mothers). The best part of it all is that, so early in the race, it’s fair to view one of them as a serious contender.

Elsewhere on this week’s show, the group takes a look at the box office success of Dune and why that makes him an Oscar nominee for Best Picture Extremely Likely, and discusses new releases Last night in Soho and Drink. The episode ends with a conversation between Katey Rich and Fran Kranz, the writer and director of the heartbreaking new drama Mass.

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