4 work-from-home activities I used during the pandemic

  • In 2020, I was on track to earn more money than ever before – until the pandemic dried up my sources of income.
  • To earn money, I turned to side activities that I could do at home.
  • I created online courses, sold my business, researched freelance writing assignments, and completed online surveys.
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At the start of 2020, I had a plan in place to make more money as a solopreneur than ever before. I had a long list of client jobs, conferences, and ongoing projects that were going to generate six-figure income for the year.

In March 2020, when the pandemic put the world on hiatus, I lost over 75% of this work and money.

I had no choice but to sit down and think seriously. I wanted to find several gigs that I could do from home to earn money and keep busy during a chaotic time. After compiling a long list of potential jobs, I narrowed it down to four side activities that I ended up doing to collect income during the pandemic.

1. Online courses

I had created my first online course in 2017 and saw the potential of how courses can be a great way to generate recurring income. I honed a few skills that I knew I could teach in a unique and engaging way and decided to create an online course for each skill. It took 20-30 days to write, design, and shoot a video for each course and I released three in 2020.

To make the courses stand out from the crowd, I did a competitive analysis research chart, asked my audience what they wanted to learn in the courses, and gave each participant individual feedback throughout. along the course. I was able to generate a few thousand dollars a month by selling online courses.

If you want to create your own course, take a look at your desired skills, write an outline for your course, and start creating it on a platform, like Thinkific.

2. Sell my stuff

With so much free time during the pandemic, I found myself constantly cleaning my apartment.

I decided that I was going to sell as much of my junk stuff as possible. I gathered all of the furniture, appliances, clothing, and household items I wanted to sell and wrote down descriptions for each item along with a purchase price. I then took pictures of everything and used an app called OfferUp.

While it took a little while at first, it paid off when each of these items sold. I ended up making over $ 1,000 selling things around my house.

3. Independent concerts

Before the pandemic, I had tried creating a freelance profile on websites like Fiverr and Upwork, but hadn’t done much work on those sites. I decided to take that and come up with a freelance writing and marketing strategy for businesses, brands or people in need.

Instead of using traditional freelance websites, where it can be competitive to find jobs, I let it be known that I was offering these services to friends, former colleagues and had talked about them in groups. Facebook and Linkedin. I was able to land three to five freelance jobs per month, which brought in a few thousand dollars in total.

4. Conduct surveys

When I found myself watching a lot of TV during the pandemic, I vowed to myself that I would also try to monetize that time in any way I could. That’s why I started doing online surveys, which made money while I sat on the couch and watched my favorite shows.

I have used websites like Survey Junkie and Wynter at least two or three times a week and spent an hour or two doing surveys each day. I didn’t make thousands of dollars doing this (rather $ 10- $ 50 per survey, which took 10 minutes to an hour), but it made me feel productive and provided me with money while watching entertainment.


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