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This year, It’s us is ready to come to an end and wrap up his story of heartbreak, family trauma, and healing. Over the years, the series has focused on major family members Jack, Rebecca, Kevin, Kate, and Randall, but has also had a long list of guest stars and recurring characters.

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Some of the unique characters to appear on It’s us have been household names, with appearances so brief it’s easy to forget they’ve ever been on the TV screen. Some of these characters left fans wanting more from their storyline, while others were perfect in their short-lived role.


Jimi SimpsonAndy

Jimmi Simpson as Andy in This Is Us

Jimmi Simpson is best known for his television roles, including recurring appearances in comedies like Philadelphia is always sunny and Psych. He has also appeared on shows like The press room, Card castleand Westworld.

Simpson guest starred in Season 1 of It’s us as one of Randall’s colleagues. At a holiday work event, Randall witnessed Andy (played by Simpson) contemplating life and nearly ending his own. Randall was able to talk to Andy and bring him comfort and friendship during the holiday season, creating a very emotional scene.

Adelaide Kane (adult Hailey Damon)

Adelaide Kane as Hailey in This Is Us

Adelaide Kane has a history of popular TV roles in teen dramas like Reign and Teen Wolf and played a recurring role in Once upon a time in 2017. Her most prominent role was that of Lolly Allen in the Australian soap opera, Neighbors back in 2007.

Kane played a pivotal role in Season 4 of It’s us, although he has only appeared in one episode of the series so far. Her role was revealed to be Hailey, Kate and Toby’s adopted daughter, and younger sister of Jack Damon. While many details about Hailey’s future have yet to be released, it’s safe to say that Kane could return in the final flash-forward episodes.

Katie Couric (herself)

Katie Couric interviews Kevin on This Is Us

Katie Couric is an award-winning journalist who has appeared on NBC, Today, CBS News, 60 minutes and has interviewed countless world leaders, celebrities and public figures.

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Couric put her acting skills to the test when she portrayed herself in an early episode of It’s us. After quitting his job on “The Manny,” Kevin Pearson has a nightmare involving a tense interview with the acclaimed reporter in which she angrily storms off and he’s embarrassed.

Ron Howard (Himself)

Ron Howard directs Kevin in This Is Us

Another famous celebrity who performed on It’s us was award-winning director (and child actor) Ron Howard. Some of his most popular movies include Splash, To rush, Solo (A Star Wars Story)and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. He is also the father of famous actress and director Bryce Dallas Howard.

Howard appeared in Season 1 as a fictionalized version of himself who wishes to work with Justin Hartley’s Kevin after seeing him in a play. Fictional Howard was directing a WWII movie that would star Kevin and Sylvester Stallone.

Sophia BushLizzy

Sophia Bush with Justin Hartley on This Is Us

Sophia Bush is perhaps best known for her role as beloved Brooke Davis on the CW’s teen drama, A tree hill. Over the years, she has led shows like Chicago PD like Erin Lindsay and Good Sam as Dr. Sam Griffith.

Bush appeared in the Season 4 mid-season premiere as Kevin’s red herring lover. Thinking they’ve finally found their love partner, Bush’s Kevin and Lizzy embark on a romantic date filled with a private John Legend concert. In the end, Lizzy revealed that she was married and that Kevin was her celebrity go-to, and she was deeply sorry for leading him on.

Elizabeth Perkins (Janet Malone)

Elizabeth Perkins in This Is Us

Elizabeth Perkins has been in the business for a long time and has racked up many memorable roles during her time on the big and small screen. She is best known for her fantastic role in Weeds opposite Mary Louise Parker.

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Perkins appeared in five episodes of It’s us so far featuring Rebecca’s overbearing and critical mother, Janet Malone. Rebecca and Janet have a contentious relationship that eventually ends in the late 80s/early 90s when Janet refuses to treat Randall the way she treats her other grandchildren, Kevin and Kate.

Ryan Michelle BatheYvette

Ryan Michelle Bathe as Yvette in This Is Us

Ryan Michelle Bathe is an actress who has appeared on many television shows including how I Met Your Mother, Private practiceand The recruit. She currently plays in First Women’s Club and The end game. Bathe is also married to Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall Pearson on It’s us.

She had a recurring role in Season 1 of It’s us, and starred in Season 3. Bathe’s role was Yvette, a woman Rebecca and Jack met while taking their triplets to the community pool. Yvette helps Rebecca cut Randall’s hair properly after the two have a fight at the pool.

Brad GarrettWes Manning

Brad Garrett and Justin Hartley in This Is Us

Brad Garrett is a famous comedian known for his role in the popular sitcom, Everybody loves Raymond. Since then, Garrett has appeared in countless films, including The life of an insect, The world of Nemoand Tangled. More recently, he returned to television on the ABC show, Single parents.

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Garrett has a brief role in Season 1 of It’s us as Wes Manning, president of a television station dealing with the backlash of Kevin’s outburst on “The Manny.” Garrett starred alongside Katey Sagal in the show’s second episode, as the two faced Kevin’s downward spiral.

Janet MontgomeryOlivia Maine

Janet Montgomery as Olivia in This Is Us

Janet Montgomery is an English actress known for her roles in human target and New Amsterdam. She also starred opposite Paul Rudd in the 2011 film, Our stupid brother.

Montgomery had a recurring role on It’s us where she played one of Kevin’s many love interests. She played the role of Olivia Maine, a high-strung actress who starred in a play with Kevin. Eventually, the romance between the two didn’t pan out and Kevin ended up dating the playwright before returning to his first love, Sophie.

Debra Jo RuppLinda

Debra Jo Rupp on This Is Us

Debra Jo Rupp is perhaps better known as Kitty Forman from That 70s show, in which she starred for eight seasons. She also portrayed Alice in the popular sitcom Friendsthe wife of Phoebe’s younger half-brother, Frank Jr. Jr.

In season 2 of It’s us, Rupp was introduced as Linda, a social worker who pairs Deja, one of the best characters to add to the series, with Randall and Beth. The Pearsons eventually take in Deja and later adopt her, with the help of Rupp’s Linda’s ongoing recordings.

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